Coloured PVCu


Colour 4 You's key colour-coating product is LECHLER PLASTIGRIP a paint specifically developed for colour-coating plastic. This hi-tech paint is unique in that it provides a virtually permanent colour coat by bonding physically and chemically to the surface of the plastic, to a depth of up to 16 microns. Originally developed for coating plastics in the automotive and construction industries, it is now available in the UK through Colour 4 You and is revolutionising the painting of PVCu and other plastic finishes and products never been coated before.

Endless Possibilities

Some of the products that can be coated are:

  • Any PVCu product or material
  • Foamex sheet to any colour, small or large quantities
  • MDF, Medite, Chip Board and Ply
  • Acrylic sheet in light box or just as coloured panel
  • GRP, think of all the variety of things that can be done to GRP with ease
  • Clear coat lacquer available in satin, gloss and high gloss
  • See our new glass products.


Revolutionising the painting of PCVu Plastic, Acrylic, GRP and MDF.

Here's why.....

  • Permanently bonds to the surface (up to 16 microns deep)
  • Does not crack, flake or peel
  • Totally flexible - bends with the material to which it is bonded without cracking
  • UV Stable - all colours 3-5 on the grey scale
  • Incredible resistance to fading
  • Tested weatherproof for 10 years plus
  • Available in any colour including metallics and pearlescents
  • Choice of finish - satin, semi-gloss, high gloss
  • Free colour matching service by spectrometer analysis for corporate specials


  • LECHLER PLASTIGRIP is a Polyurethane/Acrylic paint (2-pack-system), which is especially suited for application to PVCu, any PVCu based material, to MDF and GRP (although this must be tested first as a small number of GRP materials are not suitable).
  • Quick drying and very scratch resistant, this paint exhibits very good resistance to weather, water and mechanical abrasion, as well as flexibility.
  • It is available in Pantone, RAL, BS, NCS and S-NCS colours. Special colours can also be produced upon request and colours matched by spectrometer analysis.
  • A gloss level of 30-40% (60°) is standard. The gloss level can be increased to approximately 50-60%, with the use of additional hardener. High gloss can be produced by application of binding agent laquer.
  • Only the best pigments are used, which results in an extremely high resistance to fading.
  • Due to its special formulation, Plastigrip does not require a primer on PVCu.

    Click here to view our RAL Colour chart


Proven and Tested Quality

  • Proven:
    LECHLER PLASTIGRIP has been used on PVCu applications in Europe for over fifteen years. Reference sites can be inspected in Switzerland and Germany.
  • UV Stable:
    Tests by the South German Plastics Centre, confirm the high UV resistance 
  • Complete Adhesion:
    PLASTIGRIP bonds both chemically and physically to the material substrate for complete and flexible adhesion.
  • Weathering Resistance:
    Due to the two-component system, the paint film polymerizes and develops a surface which is very resistant to weathering. The long term negative effects of moisture and water vapour are therefore minimised. Accelerated tests have proved weather-resistant to ten years.


PVCu Windows, Doors and Conservatories

PLASTICOTE is tested weatherproof for 10 years, making it ideal for the colour-coating of windows, doors and conservatories in PVCu. A further benefit is the fact that it is UV stable and incredibly resistant to fading. Its adhesion is guaranteed for 10 years.

PVCu Cladding and Roofline Products

Many cladding and roofline products are made from the same PVCu used in windows. All the reasons why PLASTICOTE is a superb colour option for windows apply equally to roofline and cladding products. 

Design and Construction

Architects can now design for colour, on products where previously colour choice was limited or non-existent. Curtain walling and cladding in PVCu are two prime examples. Any PVCu made product used in construction can now come with a permanently-bonded, non-fade colour option.

Industrial Units Refurbishment

Many of the older industrial units constructed of plastic coated steel now look very faded and tired – especially if (as in the beginning) they were coloured red, brown or black. Help is at hand with PLASTICOTE. Industrial units can be given a new lease of life with a colour coat that's weatherproof and fade proof, and that offers excellent one-coat coverage of 8 square metres per litre.

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