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You can now take all the guess work out of choosing the right colour combination for your new or existing kitchen.

Our bespoke colour choosing software allows you to explore the possibilities of colour when designing a co-ordinted splash back and cupboard colour combination for your kitchen.

Not only can you choose the best colour option, you can also adjust the shading for the perfect choice.

Have a play and see what colour combination will look perfect in your kitchen.

How it Works

  1. Click on the outer circle of the splash back colour mixer to choose the required colour.
  2. Click on the box within the circle to adjust the shading.
  3. Repeat the exercise to choose the colour and shading combination for the cupboards.

Create your own kitchen colour combination...Instantly!

Choose your desired colour by clicking the box below



Glass Splashbacks are the "In-Thing"

Our coloured glass splash backs are the most striking way to enhance your kitchen, bathroom or even your living room bringing that special fashionable elegance to your home.

In the hands of our craftsmen at Colour4you, glass is a remarkable material. It can be subtle or striking, it can fade into the background. It can be the making of any room with it’s reflective qualities, it combines beauty and strength in a way nothing else can. Glass plays an increasingly important role in the commercial world too, where it’s un-matched durability, practicality and clean look are valued every bit as much as it’s beauty.

No porous grout lines means no germs, one wipe and it’s clean. The use of glass is only limited by your imagination.

There are a number of different splashbacks you can purchase, there are splash backs for cookers and coloured glass splashbacks. Choose from a number of kitchen splashbacks by using the colour picker tool above.

Be creative when you are thinking of choosing a glass splashback as the colour scheme can also fit the mood of your decor. For example, you could choose green splash backs, with green cupboards bringing a feeling of nature into your kitchen, accessorized and decorated with plants and kitchenalia. Or you could choose red kitchen splash backs, which would bring warmth and seduction, or brown splashbacks, a comfort building colour to help your guests feel at ease, or a blue kitchen splash back, which gives off a fresh and clean feel. Quite often colours energise the persons mood so getting the colour right is important.

Coloured glass splashbacks bring out the very best in your kitchens decor as you do not need to alter the colourings of your kitchen, such as cupboards, walls and doors, this can sometimes lead to an overpowering colour scheme that just doesn't fit right. A nice kitchen glass splashback will bring to life a very normal kitchen without over doing one colour scheme.

Colour Splashbacks, Sizes, Prices & Delivery:

6 Standard Sizes (mm)
Nationwide Delivery
600 x 750
10 Working Days
700 x 750
10 Working Days
800 x 750
10 Working Days
900 x 750
10 Working Days
1000 x 750
10 Working Days
1100 x 750
10 Working Days

NB. For bespoke sizes, Specialist finishes and Colour matching service, Please call (POA).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the various colours and effects can i have?

A: A wide variety of coloured glass finishes are available as well as metallic effects. Colour Matching is also available to enable you to have the exact colour you require.

Q: Is the glass that is used Transparent or Opaque?

A: All the coloured glass that we use is opaque.

Q: How good a condition does my wall need to be in

A: The glass that we supply can usually be used on nearly every surface

Q: How safe are Glass Splashbacks:

A: Simple Answer Yes, Glass Splashbacks are safe and certified to use in nearly all conditions for example moist or heat, our glass splashbacks are tough safety glass.

Q: When is the best time to measure within my project:

A: The best time to do the measuring is as soon as everything is fitted for example, Cabinets, Overhead Cupboards, bench tops etc.

Q: How is the coloured glass installed to my wall:

A: We use only the best & strongest adhesives and we ensure that it is completely sealed.

Q: When installing the glass is it clean to install.

A: Of Course! any of the messy work is done at our factory, allowing the install to be safe and clean.

Q: How long do i need to wait for my glass to be made.

A: Usually it takes 14-21 working days to manufacture your glass.

Q: Do i receive a warranty with my Glass Splashbacks?

A: All of our Glass Splashbacks come with a warranty.

Q: How do i look after my glass and clean it?

A: We recommend using a streak free glass cleaner with paper towels or a lint free cloth, We do not recommend using hard and harsh cleaning pads such as steel wool as well as using any solvents to clean the glass.

Q: What if i would like power sockets or lights in the glass.

A: That is not a problem if you let Colour4u know we will make the cut outs within the glass for you and make sure that they are fitted into the wall before installing the glass splashbacks.

If there are any questions that we have not answered above please do not hesitate to give us a call or simply fill in the contact form at the top of this page and we will be sure to answer your question(s).

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