Colour 4 You’s key colour-coating product is LECHLER PLASBOND – a paint specifically developed for colour-coating plastic. This hi-tech paint is unique in that it provides a virtually permanent colour coat by bonding physically and chemically to the surface of the plastic, to a depth of up to 16 microns. Originally developed for coating plastics in the automotive and construction industries, it is now available in the UK through Colour 4 You and is revolutionising the painting of PVCu and other plastic finishes and products.

Endless Possibilities

Some of the products that can be coated are:

  • Any PVCu product or material
  • Foamex sheet to any colour, small or large quantities
  • MDF, Medite, Chip Board and Ply
  • Acrylic sheet in light box or just as coloured panel
  • GRP, think of all the variety of things that can be done to GRP with ease
  • Clear coat lacquer available in satin, gloss and high gloss
  • See our new glass products.

Revolutionising the painting of PCVu Plastic, Acrylic, GRP and MDF. ” Here’s why”

  • Permanently chemically bonds to the surface (up to 16 microns deep)
  • Does not crack, flake or peel
  • Totally flexible – bends with the material to which it is bonded without cracking
  • UV Stable – all colours 3-5 on the grey scale
  • Incredible resistance to fading
  • Tested weatherproof for 10 years
  • Available in any colour including metallics and pearlescents
  • Choice of finish – satin, semi-gloss, high gloss
  • It is available in Pantone, RAL, BS, NCS and S-NCS colours. Special colours can also be produced upon request
  • Free colour matching service by spectrometer analysis for corporate specials and none standard colours


  • PLASBOND is a Polyurethane/Acrylic paint (2-pack-system), which is especially suited for application to PVCu, any PVCu based material, to MDF and GRP.
  • Quick drying and very scratch resistant, this paint exhibits very good resistance to weather,waterandmechanical abrasion. A gloss level of 30-40% (60°)is standard.
  • Click here to view our RAL Colour chart

Some Of Our Work


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